Craft Shows!!!

Craft Shows!  I have been in two craft shows so far.  I am having fun.  Each time I try to add new products.  I will be slowly posting pictures of my products here.  Many of them are also available in my Etsy shop.  Waiting for confirmation on upcoming craft shows.  I will add details when they are available.

Fox River Grove 7.19.15 Fox River Grove 7/19/15Rolling Meadows 8.1.15Rolling Meadows 8/1/15

Photos of my previous displays.  Taken with my horrible phone…not great quality or even centered….sigh


Rockin’ Red Dress for Christmas

I made a dress!  I spent many months working on this dress.  I saw the pattern on Ravelry and ordered the magazine.  I special ordered the yarn from Hobby Lobby so that I would have enough in the same dye lot.

This is the most involved project I have ever made.

I made this dress to wear for Christmas (2014).  I finished with plenty of time.  I even wore it to a friend’s wedding in January in Seattle!  The yarn is I Love this Cotton from Hobby Lobby.  It is a heavy dress, and while it is short sleaves, it is quite warm, so I only wear in the cooler (and cold) months.

Check out my project page on Ravelry: Rockin’ Red Dress
Pattern by Doris Chan: Rockin’ Red Dress Pattern

McGee of NCIS

I made a McGee to go with the Abby doll.  I want to make them all eventually.

So here he is

Special Agent Timothy McGee

Abby and McGee Dolls

McGee Doll and jacket

Close up on McGee


The Wizard of Oz

Here are the pictures of the Wizard of Oz finger puppets.  I made these for my roommate for her birthday last year. 

I’ll add the rest of the pictures later.


Abby Doll

I have been meaning to add pictures for a while. I tried with a page devoted to pictures, but that currently is working out to well. I will try something else soon. However I still wanted to post the pictures of the Abby Doll. So here they are….

Abby Doll

Abby Sciuto Doll from NCIS

Abby Close Up

Her lab coat is even labeled....

Abby, Bert, and Caf Pow

Abby with her favorite things: Bert the Hippo and a Caf-Pow

Abby and Stuff

Abby Doll, Jacket, Bert, and Caf-Pow