Abby Doll

I have been meaning to add pictures for a while. I tried with a page devoted to pictures, but that currently is working out to well. I will try something else soon. However I still wanted to post the pictures of the Abby Doll. So here they are….

Abby Doll

Abby Sciuto Doll from NCIS

Abby Close Up

Her lab coat is even labeled....

Abby, Bert, and Caf Pow

Abby with her favorite things: Bert the Hippo and a Caf-Pow

Abby and Stuff

Abby Doll, Jacket, Bert, and Caf-Pow


8 thoughts on “Abby Doll

  1. Elantriel says:

    Hey Mcreynne,
    Was just wondering if you ever got around to writing up the pattern for the Abby NCIS doll and accessories.

  2. Elantriel says:

    OMG this is so cool. Is there any chance at all you have a pattern for your Abby doll, that you wouldnt mind sharing with me? I would love to have a go at making her.

    You’ve done a brilliant job. She looks fantastic. And the fact that you’ve got Bert and the Caf-Pow is just AWESOME. Absolutely brilliant.


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